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Invoice Credit Program for Staffing Companies

Market knowledge and industry expertise have taken staffing / temporary (temp) agencies, once called employment or recruitment firms, into the era of new media. 

But as staffing companies don’t receive payment for their services until job vacancies are filled and applicants are working, they often experience cash flow problems from the slow-payment of receivables

Small business Invoice credit with BlankVentures is an effective and often the best option to maintain constant cash flow and working capital, finance payroll, pay the rent, buy supplies, and keep the doors open while waiting for payment on your invoices.


What is Invoice Factoring for Staffing Companies?


Slow-paying clients can stifle cash flow and working capital, as well as any plans to scale your business in the future. High-interest bank loans only add to your total debt, and qualifying can be difficult if you’re a relatively new start-up or have limited credit history. 

Invoice credit gives you fast access to products or cash-flow. It is a type of short-term financing with flexible terms and eligibility requirements. Credit doesn’t require collateral, and most staffing companies qualify.

Ready to get paid for your services?